Shure Countryman E6i Light Tan




Shure Countryman E6i Light Tan Microphone – WCE6iLT

  • Smallest, lightest, most comfortable microphone of its kind
  • Flexible boom for easy adjusment between users
  • Excellent for singing and spoken word applications
  • Almost invisible against many skin tones
  • Hands-free, wireless-enabled microphone allows total freedom of movement
  • Highly resistant to sweat and moisture
  • High quality voice pickup – more consistent than any lavalier
  • Excellent rejection of surrounding noise
  • Reduces feedback in meeting rooms or houses of worship an average of 12dB compared to an omni lavalier
  • Omnidirectional microphone is virtually immune to wind and breath pops, even without a windscreen

Price: Daily: £14.00 Weekly: £42.00

Prices shown are trade prices, subject to change.