Chauvet Ovation Rêve E-3LED Spotlight


Compact LED Ellipsoidal Spotlight


Ovation Rêve E-3 is the brightest, multi-color LED ellipsoidal that also has the capability of producing perfectly tunable whites.

It’s a new kind of epic story-telling machine that fuses the best of both worlds into one totally reimagined LED light source. Colour Temperature presets ranging from 2800K to 8000K maintain outstanding brightness and a high quality of light, with an emulated “red shift” for a tungsten feel. Ovation Rêve E-3 also features several dimming curves, a virtually silent operation with fan-off modes, and a series of technician-friendly features such as an innovative, adjustable yoke that makes mounting in low clearance situations a breeze.

With Ovation Rêve E-3 you can seamlessly transition from captivating a wide range of saturated colours in class-leading output to distinct whites with +/- green adjustments using one fixture.

No ifs, or buts. Simply and categorically unrivaLED.


Price Daily: £78.40 + VAT / Weekly: £137.20 +VAT

Prices shown are trade prices, subject to change.


Ovation Rêve E-3 | CHAUVET Professional