Barco D320PL LED Wall Processor




Use up to 4 sources on to your display per device. Devices can be combined for more sources. Switch from source to source or display video and data sources simultaneously on your display. Front accessible, input units, with sealed and ruggedized metal enclosure. Arrange your sources onto your display through an intuitive interface. Scale and position all sources exactly how you want them. Overlay sources using advanced chroma-keying and alpha blending feature. Customize your D320 PL by inserting exactly the plug-in inputs required for the job. Hot swap and auto-configuration of the input provides you with ultimate flexibility. Process video and data in pure quality onto your display. The highest quality standards are available including HD-SDI and DVI up to UXGA resolution. Use the D320 PL for your DLite, ILite or Barco projector, but also for any other analog display devices such as monitors or third party projectors. Compatible with all standard image formats


Price: Daily: £542.50 Weekly: £1627.50

Prices shown are trade prices, subject to change.