Avolite Tiger Touch Pro



A hybrid of fast, accessible, ‘hands on’ control working in conjunction with the intuitive touch screen.


This responsive, wide screen, touch interface provides a constantly evolving software skin which envelopes the high performance hardware platform.


Avolites Tiger Touch, the seamless link between functionality and form.




Outputs & Connections

  1. Ethernet output – Artnet protocol fully supported and enabling 12 full speed DMX Universes.
  1. 4 x DMX Output Ports – Full speed, individually opto-isolated and floating Outputs giving 2,048 DMX Channels.
  1. Video support – Media Server Support utilizing Avolites Active Fixtures in conjunction with the new, cross platform, Media Server protocol “CITP” where “Clips” and Live Previews are presented graphically on the console screen.
  1. MIDI – The console offers MIDI Time Code Control. Sequences can be synchronised to Timecode for perfect cueing. Playback buttons or faders can also be remotely activated by MIDI.
  1. Audio Input – Analogue stereo line-level input via 2.5 mm mini jack. Use Bass, Mid or Treble to sound-to-light trigger any or all of the consoles playbacks.


  1. Touch Screen Responsive – wide screen touch interface.
  1. Console monitor – Via VGA


  1. Data stick – Save your show and User Profiles on the conveniently front mounted USB2 stick.
  1. Internal Hard Disk – mobile computing grade hard disc mounted on shock absorbant frame has the capacity to store up to 50,000 shows.

Price: Daily: £198.40 Weekly: £396.80

Prices shown are trade prices, subject to change.