Client: Global Investment Company

Venue: Client’s London Headquarters EC1

The Brief

A key International Banking Client wanted to host a festive end of year celebration at their London headquarters.

The style was to be a festive Christmas party with music, entertainment food and drinks, to take place throughout the afternoon and into the evening on a Thursday before the Christmas holiday.

The venue was the cavernous foyer of the client’s central London offices.  Featuring a with a multi-storied galleried atrium, sound quality was an important concern. One of the challenges we faced was to ensure guests could hear music and presentations clearly and without echo or feedback, from all areas in the venue.

“A fabulous evening. Everyone had a great time. It was the perfect way to finish the year before the Christmas holiday. Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the event such a success”

The Solution

In the main atrium, First Network provided a large stage and backdrop with a raised platform for presenters and the live band. We designed festive mood lighting, including up-lit backdrop and front lighting to highlight the main stage area and presenters.

Our team also supplied a full audio system including relay speakers and centre fill to include digital mixer, mics (tie clip and handheld for the presenters and cabled mics for the band) and background music via file playback for between band sessions.
Crew communication included a cabled communication system with a link to Auditorium and audio relay.

The size and shape of the main building foyer posed some challenges as there were shaded areas where audio coverage was less straightforward. To combat this, we added extenders to ensure full audio coverage so all attendees could hear clearly, regardless of where they were standing. First Network also provided a cameraman to capture and stream presentations, by relay, to auditorium facilities.

Our team arrived at 9.45 am to begin set up for a 4.30pm start time.

Music was provided by the inimitable ‘Old Dirty Brasstards’ – a  tweed-clad, 10-piece brass band who stole the show with a unique mix of festive favourites and exhilarating interpretations of indie classics.