Client: Global Investment Company

Venue: The Four Seasons Hotel, Madrid

The Brief

We are always delighted to be asked back each year to deliver this outstanding Annual Leadership Summit. The 2024 event took place at the fabulous Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid.

The conference brings together 200 of the company’s senior leadership team from across the world, for a series of presentations, working and breakout sessions spanning 3 days. The theme of the event was ‘Transform, Translate, Trailblaze’ and, continuing the alliteration, the focal feature of our bespoke custom-built stage was a huge 3.5m high letter T-shaped doorway, through which presenters could enter and exit, and from behind which, a third LED screen projected images.

The result was truly striking, with a triple format 6m x 3.5m Ultra High Definition 1.9mm LED screen. 200 delegates were seated cabaret style in the Sol Ballroom, with a handheld microphone on each table – 56 in total – to enable delegate feedback and participation.

The Venue

‘A historical venue with modern energy’, the Four Seasons is ideally located in the very heart of Madrid. This elegant and historic hotel boasts a stunning, oval shaped event space, the Sol Ballroom, whose unique curved seating plan lent a sense of elegance and intimacy, perfect for this type of leadership meeting.

The Challenge

An event of this size poses some complicated technical challenges. In this case, audio clarity was a core focus. In order to enable real-time feedback and participation from all delegates, every table was equipped with a radio mic – 56 in total. These all needed to stay open so that participants could interject at any time. 

With traditional technical solutions, this number of open mics would have meant amplified interference and drop out, which may have rendered audio unntelligible.

The Solution

This was the first time we’d used our brand new Yamaha DM7 audio mixer and Shure Axient Wireless System, the combination of which enabled us to manage inputs from all 56 wireless mics, and multiple playback machines, including a 7.1 surround sound opening video.

The kit features powerful processing and 64 on-board channels. It continuously scans for interference and seamlessly switches to a clean frequency in real-time, delivering crystal-clear sound even with all of the microphones open at once. The result was faultless audio clarity, which for this number of radio mics, was truly groud-breaking! 

For a show of this magnitude, Axient really came into its own. We were able to deliver absolute clarity to every listener whether on-site or listening on the livestream from the other side of the world.

Safe to say our newest arrivals passed their initiation with flying colours!

“The team did a great job, thank you to all for the hard work and big success.” GLS Client