THIS is happening in our studio today! It’s the final day of a 3-day event for a mobile tech company based in the US. We are live-streaming 4 live broadcasts across 4 separate channels.

Our vMix virtual vision mixing platform allows us to deliver video playback, dynamic lower thirds (credit lines for speaker name and title etc) and full client branding.  vMix Calls software enables us to bring in remote presenters easily and efficiently. We can stream live from any location whilst retaining full control over visual and audio aspects of the broadcast.

Our studio’s dedicated lease line ensures continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity. We’re using LiveU solo encoders, to send the stream to the world with automatic fail-over. This means we can continue to stream, without being reliant on a single internet connection, offering additional peace of mind.

All streams are recorded using dedicated hardware based recorders,  so content can then be published for on demand post event access.

The participants of this particular event are mainly based in the US. Presentations are a mixture of live and pre-recorded, with speakers dialing in from their own homes and offices.

First Network can offer studio facilities for the recording of presentations or live streaming with all the benefits of professional backdrops and the accompanying uplift in production values.

If we pursue the studio set-up, clients can opt to travel to our West London Headquarters and record or stream from here, or we can set-up in a suitable event space or venue of your choosing. We can even bring the kit to you – whatever works best. Ask about our ‘fly pack’ kit which includes professional camera and mic equipment plus pop up green screen which can be easily installed at home to give a professional-looking set up absolutely anywhere.

What’s the User Experience Like?

Participants login to the event portal and from there they can then access a complete interactive event agenda, with links to appropriate supporting files as required. The event can either then be live streamed and watched in real time, or saved onto the portal for on demand access later.

We are able to work with whatever your preferred platform is.

We’re very excited about our new Virtual Event capabilities. We’d love to give you a demo and show you what we can do. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can design your next event.