We enjoyed a couple of days amidst the spires of the beautiful city of Oxford last week. The event was a team offsite for an investment client and was held in historic Keble College.

Delegates attended a series of theatre-style presentations  and breakout sessions. At the end of the second day the close of  the event was marked by a formal dinner in the college’s Great Hall.  First Network provided wireless battery uplighters to the evening event which enhanced the venue’s striking architecture to dramatic effect.


The Venue

Keble is among the largest University of Oxford colleges. Its original brick Victorian buildings have been complemented and supplemented by award winning contemporary developments. In addition to impressive Victorian architecture and beautiful quads, the college boasts a tiered lecture theatre for 250, several meeting rooms and en-suite accommodation for 245. It’s a very attractive venue in the heart of the bustling city which lends itself perfectly to this type of event.