Robe Robin Cycbar 12 LED Batten



Robin CycBar 12 is a lightweight static 1.000 mm linear strip for indoor use, which utilises 12 equally spaced superbright RGBW multichip LEDs. The unit features smooth 18 bit colour mixing and linear dimming without RGB ’breakup’ or grey shadows.
The fixed 7.5° beam angle can be reconfigured by the use of optional 35°x70° diffusers.
The on-board driver software provides the user with advanced pixel control, a virtual colour wheel of preprogrammed colours, a set of true whites with CTO Tungsten lamp emulation and more.
The highly readable screen displays a menu with practical personality settings, DMX and RDM protocols.


Price: Daily: £54.40 Weekly: £108.80

Prices shown are trade prices, subject to change. Please quote Promo Code CYC12 for web price