Barco PDS-902 HD Switcher / Scaler


  • Inputs: 4 x VGA, 4 x DVI-I, 1 x HDSDI
  • Outputs: 2 x Preview (DVI&VGA), 2 x Programme (DVI&VGA)
  • Dual Scaler
  • Fast source acquisition
  • Fast and seamless switching
  • Auxiliary control from Encore and ScreenPRO-II controllers
  • High-quality scaling technology
  • 10-bit sampling and processing
  • De-interlacer with diagonal filter
  • Up to three LOGO stores/recall capability
  • Low video delay
  • Software download via USB
  • All resolutions from NTSC/PAL up to WUXGA including all HD resolutions
  • EDID support for analog and DVI sources
  • DVI, analog, video 3G/HD/SD SDI
  • HDCP 1.0 support for all DVI sources
  • Preview and program outputs
  • All progressive resolutions from 480p up to WUXGA/HD
  • Full screen outputs
  • Supports HDCP compliant displays
  • Built-in test patterns
  • Independent resolutions for program and preview outputs

Price: Daily: £255.50 Weekly: £766.50

Prices shown are trade prices, subject to change.