• Multi-Input, Multi-Display Control DeviceSupports up to 12 Independent windows or 6 windows with seamless transitions
  • (2) Native High Resolution Background channels provide background video with seamless transition effects
  • Special Effects A full range of transition effects (dissolve, wipe, etc.) Smooth PIP Move & Sizing controlled via Key Frames Adjustable PIP Aspect Ratio
  • PIP Borders, including Drop Shadows and Soft Edge
  • PIP Clone (Mirror and Offset)
  • Keying Luminance Key Split Key (Key Alpha and Fill) Reverse Key (Key on Background) Color Key (Graphics) Alpha Mixing
  • (1) Native High Resolution Down Stream Key channel independent of PIP/KEY processing channels
  • Video Processing 10-bit Processing 1:1 Pixel Sampling
  • Motion Adaptive De-interlacing (SD & HD) 3:2 and 2:2 Pull Down Detect
  • Image Cropping Aspect Ratio Correction
  • Athena Proprietary High-Performance Scaling
  • Low Video Delay – Less than 3 Input Fields
  • Z-order Control (Priority layers) for overlapping PIP or Key Images Each Mixer Layer is dynamically re-assignable as a mixing (transitioning) PIP, or as two individual (SPLIT) nontransitioning PIP or Key Images.
  • Still Frame : Frame Grab of Background and Down Stream Key sources
  • Complete Look-ahead Preview On-Screen Display (Preview monitor) of Layer Information and Status Supports Blended Widescreen Projection
  • Output Synchronization: Free-Run or Vertically
  • Locked to NTSC/PAL Blackburst
  • Edge Blending
  • 10-bit Processing
  • Variable Overlap
  • Supports standard and pre-overlapped Background sources
  • Edge Blending (Feathering)
  • Prices start from:
  • Price: Daily: £437.50 Weekly: £1312.50

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